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4th-Sep-2008 12:30 am - Icon batch 2
Honey & Clover: Hagu: Happy
Hi, it's been quite a while since my first update. But, mm... well, I was in the mood to make icons (and forgo my work) so.. meh, here are a bunch of icons which i hope you'll like.. And, as usual... please credit... thank you. ^_^


001-005 (Samurai Champloo)
006-015 (Eureka Seven)
016-019 (Honey & Clover)
020-025 (Fullmetal Alchemist)
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4th-May-2008 12:09 pm - ICONS BATCH 1
Honey & Clover: Hagu: Happy
Well, this is my first ever attempt at making an icon post~ XD I hope I do it well. ><



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23rd-Apr-2008 12:26 am - Verdant | Green
Honey &amp; Clover: Hagu: Happy
I took this picture when we were having our annual retreat. I didn't feel like reflecting on anything so I just whipped out my camera and took pictures of the wonderful scenery. haha~ XD

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23rd-Apr-2008 12:17 am - Gallery of Sprite Edits
Honey &amp; Clover: Hagu: Happy
Years ago, when I was still playing ragnarok online, I joined a community called SMPAC (Signature Makers and Photoshop Arts Club). SMPAC practically changed my life by introducing me to the world of adobe photoshop. At first, I was just concerned with making "sigs" or signatures for my account in ragnaboards (the ragnarok forum). Soon, I became addicted to photoshop, and started tinkering with it more than I played ragnarok (my account didn't suffer because I was a botter... I'm not very proud of it now, though). I started dabbling in animation and complicated sprite edits, courtesy of lorie (whom I miss a lot... thank you lorie~ XD though I know you're not in lj). It wasn't long after that I graduated from sprite edits and started working with renders and photo-manipulation.

One day, as I was tinkering with my photoshop, I suddenly remembered my roots. And so, I tried my hand at making sprite edits once again... Naruto sprite edits, in particular.

Here are my works:

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Honey &amp; Clover: Hagu: Happy

Okay, so lately I've been having fun making winamp skins for myself. The problem is, I've already made all the skins I want for myself and I've run out of ideas... But I want to make more skins so I'm opening a winamp request shop thingy... ^_^ ------ Anyone who wants a winamp skin only needs to fill up this form and I'll try to take care of it as soon as I can. ^_^


Okay, so, about the form...
Description of Preferred Design: Basically what you want the skin to look like (e.g. dark, dramatic, sepia, black and white, angsty, colorful, loud bright neon colors, pink, black, blue, lizard-like)

Photo to be used:
You've got to provide your own photos. Preferably big photos, so that I can really work with them. You can either provide the link to the photo or the photo itself, whatever tickles your fancy. ^^

Desired Title: Well, you see that 'winamp' thingy written on the skin's title bar? Yeah, you can change that... so, just tell me what you want to be written there and I'll put it there... as long as it's not too long though...

Extra Information:
Here, you've gotta write any other specifications that you want. For example, if you want a quote inserted there... (e.g. think happy thoughts)


The download links are located below each image. You can download them without my permission but credit if ever the situation calls for it. Oh, and I'd appreciate a bit of gratitude. ^_^ Thank you~ Now let me give you a big E-HUG! XD


A Sample of my work: 
Panda: Think Happy Thoughts


Note: I changed my mind about the part where you have to comment and i'll give you the link.. hehe.. err... i'll place the download links here and I guess the least I can ask for is a hearty 'thanks' and an e-hug ^__^

If there are any broken links, please tell me and I'll just update them... Thank you~ ^_^


And since I'm a picky person and because this is a free service anyway, here are a bunch of stuff that I will not, under any circumstances (well, unless maybe if there's money involved but that's highly unlikely), make...
1. Sasuke with any girl other than Sakura
2. Narusaku exclusively (Team 7 skins are okay, though)
3. Kaoru/Kenshin
4. Porn
5. Pictures of my teachers
6. Naruto with any girl other than Hinata (List will be updated as soon as I think of more things to add) Also, I know quite well that I'm an amateur at this and I might not make the perfect skin for you guys... ^^ This whole project is a learning process for me... ^^ so uhm... please bear with me


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23rd-Apr-2008 12:30 pm - Maldita: Justice
Honey &amp; Clover: Hagu: Happy
This is my first ever photo-post in my new community and I decided to make this extra special by posting my favorite picture of Maldita. Maldita's my doggy, btw.

She's really very cute~ I took this picture when she was having her haircut. She hates haircuts, they seem to make her feel nervous.

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